Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweetpea Memories Shoots Cancer.....For Free!

Last night before falling asleep I layed in bed talking to my husband about my photography business. I told him that I felt that I wanted to give to others this upcoming year and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. This morning when I woke up it was still on my mind. I was thinking about the fact that I have two family members we have lost or is fighting against cancer, one is my grandmother that we lost to Breast Cancer in November of 2008 and the other is my nephew who is 20 years old and currently fighting Melanoma. Almost anyone you talk to these days knows atleast one person that has or has lost their battle to cancer.

After some research online I found an organization called "Think Pink Photography". "Think Pink Photography" is an organization for people who have either began or ended Cancer Treatment for Breast Cancer in the last 12 months (and I say people and not woman because men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer). After reading through the site and checking Washington State, I realize we only have one other photographer in this area that provide this service. I think it's a great idea and I signed up. Within 15 minutes I had a response that I have been accepted....YAY! My information will be listed on the directory in about 7 days! That's not soon enough for me, but I will be patient. Each photography session is FREE....and the client receives 10 Printed images to keep. If a client would like to purchase more prints, at Sweetpea Memories Photography's prices, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation

Due to the fact that this organization only serves Breast Cancer Clients I have decided Sweetpea Memories Photography is going to start something new within my business and it will be named "Sweetpea Memories Shoots Cancer" The same Services will be offered to those who have been diagnosed or finished treatment within the last 12 months of any other cancer diagnosis than Breast Cancer, for Free. If you choose to buy more prints or schedule from one of my photography sessions and mention "Sweetpea Memories Shoots Cancer" I will donate a portion of the proceeds to either our local Hospital that provides Cancer Services which would be "North Puget Cancer Center" or for all Children that are Photographed will go to "Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation". This donation is to help patients with costs that insurance does not pay for, gas to get to treatments, food, and to help family members stay with their child while going through treatment so far away from home. I've chosen these two locations to donate to because we have a lot of donations that go to bigger organizations and I would like to help out those in my community. Requests for other Local Cancer Foundations will be considered on a case by case request.

I would love to get the word out about this wonderful opportunity. It's a New Year after midnight tonight, let's give a hand and do something for someone else this year. Please pass my information on to anyone you know that may fall into this category. I would love to see how many Cancer Patients I can help this year. Thank you so much for your help, I look forward to hearing any feedback anyone may have!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful Happy New Year this Safe! Please, do not drink and drive!

(In Memory of my Grandmother, Georgia Schopf, December 15, 1935 - November 13, 2008 - This picture was taken one week prior to her passing! I will cherish it for the rest of my life!)


ensenaste said...

Shannon, I think you have sucha beautiful Heart, May the Lord continue to always Bless you. What you are doing is such a great thing.

~Hugs Monica

BFC Thumper said...


Thank you for sharing your gift for photography to help children with cancer.

Your vision gives families a lasting memory, no matter what the outcome of their journey with this terrible disease.

Your willingness to share your time and photos with others shows what a caring person you are.

Sincere 'thank you' from all of us at Bikers Fighting Cancer.

Michelle Barnhart
BFC National PR
BFC Executive Board