Monday, September 20, 2010

{Sweetpeas School Photography} ~ Now Available!

Sweetpeas School Photography is a locally owned branch from our primary business, Sweetpea Memories Photography. Sweetpea Memories Photography is a locally owned lifestyle Portrait Studio that strives to deliver photography that is not only stunning but also heartfelt and personal. With Sweetpeas School Photography, we don't specialize in the typical School Portraits, we specialize in creating studio and on location quality in the comfort of your school. Sweetpea Memories Photography enjoys changing the face of school portraiture. 

Sweetpeas School Photography offers:
*  Multiple poses for parents to choose from
*  Workable and Affordable Packages, add ons, boutique items
*  Post Payment options, provided by mail, online or over the phone
*  Best of all: provides a relaxing, non pushy session where your child get's to smile the way they like! 
(one of the poses is guaranteed to be the "typical" school pose for those who prefer the pose and for yearbook options)As a mother of two, I am very disappointed in the school portraits that currently come home. I haven't waisted money on school portraits in a few years now. I often get requests for creative school portraits! Remember you do have a choice in what you hang up in your home and send to family and friends. Even if your school is in a contract with another photography studio, that does specialize in "typical" school portoraits, we do offer mini sessions monthly that are available to everyone. In return you will receive a fun and relaxed portrait session for each child. Long gone are the days of one snap of the shutter and on to the next child. I will take my time and the children won’t feel rushed. I will capture images that truly represent your beautiful children....Contact us today for your Sweetpeas School Photography Session!

If you have already had your school portrait session or would like to purchase Packages in Advance you may make purchases here......

All PRE PAID online payments (over $20) receive 8 additional Wallets with your order!


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